If you already have an existing MyAdventist account, you may directly log in using your MyAdventist account. There is no need to create another account as it will create duplicates. If you wish to add another login to your existing MyAdventist profile, follow the instructions in this link How to Connect/Add Another Login to Existing MyAdventist Account

1Browse to www.myadventist.org

On the login page, click the  located at the top right corner of the page.


You will be shown a variety of profile creation options

On the New Profile box, 
(5.a) Click External provider account if you want to create an account using Google, Microsoft, Facebook or Yahoo and choose the provider by clicking its icon.
You may refer to the instructions on the following links on 

How to Create a Yahoo login in MyAdventist

How to Create a Google Login Account in MyAdventist

(5.b) As an information for the staff login, the "Staff" login button currently works for persons who are set up in the South Pacific Division Active Directory. This includes:

  • South Pacific Division staff
  • Staff in Union and Conference offices in the SPD
  • Church pastors in the SPD
  • Local church treasurers in the SPD who have been set up to use the Tithes and Offerings Online Reporting System (TOORS).

If you are in any of the above categories, you are able to use the Staff login option. And if you are in the above categories but you haven't been given a MyAdventist Staff account or Active Directory account, please contact the Human Resources (HR) department for your local entity/employer - i.e. your employing Conference/Mission/Union/Division, with your request, and HR will advise as to next steps.

(5.c) If you are not in any of the above categories who can have the staff login and you don't want to create an account using any of the login providers (Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Yahoo), you may create an account using the password login. Kindly follow the detailed steps on this link on How to create a password login account in MyAdventist (relevant steps are steps 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7)

A MyAdventist Password login is one of the login methods used by MyAdventist that can be completely self-managed. If you forgot the password to this login option, refer to the instructions here on How to recover my profile in MyAdventist

My login screen looks funny. HELP!

It's ok, this is perfectly normal. One of MyAdventist.org.au many features is that it stores a cookie on your machine.

What this cookie does is remember the last login method(s) you used, and will offer those as a first option.

This way, you don't need to remember how you logged in last time, MyAdventist remembers for you.

If you want to log in with another option, or as another person, press the highlighted text to be taken to the original login screen

I am trying to create an account, but it keeps coming up with errors?!

MyAdventist requires profiles to have a unique email address. 

The way to check if you have an account is to use the "I Forgot My Password" function on the login screen.

To get to this area, simply click on the Password Login option, and in the corner of the box will appear a bit of text that says "Forgot My Password"

Open this page, and enter your email, and MyAdventist will send you an email with both a password reset link (if  applicable) and a list of accounts associated with that email.

This can also be used if you forget which provider you use to login 

I am having trouble setting/changing my password?

MyAdventist has certain criteria when it comes to password creation. If it doesn't meet this criteria, it wont work. 

Consider using a passphrase, for example: [email protected]), MarvellousGrace or WhenHeCometh (but avoid using these three specific examples).

Your password must meet the following:

Password requirements

Minimum password length, 
including at least:

  • upper case characters
  • lower case characters

12 characters

  • 1 character
  • 1 character

User name in password

Not permitted

Words from list of “easy” or “common” passwords

Not permitted

Number of remembered passwords


If you are having issues with creating your password, or resetting your password, leave a comment below.