Using the SDA Report Server

  1. Navigate to and login using your Staff ID, or otherwise an alternate ID (google, Facebook, etc)


If you haven't logged-on, the following screen will appear and you may login through this


2. On the applications tab, double-click to open the SDA Reports Server


3. The list of entities appears - select your entity from the list, or select Apps for reports from Applications such as Tithes and Offerings (TOORS), Events, or Jasper (Employee Forms), etc


4. Click to open an Application - this example will use Events

To return to the main menu (screen shown in step 3 above), click [To Parent Directory]

5. Select Events Receipt Lookup

Note, this list will vary depending on the entity/application selected


6. Enter the CMF Reference Number, then press Enter (or click on View Report)

Note, for other reporting entities, you may need to select from a drop-down list rather than entering a reference number, depending on your report configuration


7. Report appears

    • Use the details from the screen, or export those details using the export drop-down menu
    • Export drop-down menu - select how the data is to be exported
    • Export to data feed - this generates an Atom service document (ATOMSVC File); use the data feed in applications such as SQL Server 2016 Power Pivot client, that can consume data feeds