The following instructions show Password account holders how to reset their password.

Staff account - please contact your Site IT.

Federated accounts (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo) - please visit the provider's website and follow their password reset instructions.


In a web browser, navigate to and click on Recover my profile (top right)


Type your email address, click to tick the box I'm not a robot - you may need to complete a reCAPTCHA question - then click Continue


An email is sent to your email address, and all other email addresses/logins that you've linked previously in myAdventist


In your email account, open the email with the subject myAdventist Logins

Click the reset this password link


Enter your new password, and re-enter it in the Confirm new password field. Click on the Checklist tab to ensure the requirements are met. Then click Set Password.


My Logins will be displayed. At this screen you may connect other logins, set security options, review allowed sites and applications, etc.

To return to the portal (opening) screen, click Home (top right)

Switch to the Applications tab (circled in orange below) if the app you are needing is not displayed in the Recent tab