If you are using other login options, kindly refer to this page 31005506


 Go to the eGiving website: https://egiving.org.au or https://egiving.org.nz 

2At the right bottom of the eGiving page, click the MyAdventist icon. 


You will then be directed to the MyAdventist page. Click Password login

  • There is a chance that the user will have facebook set as a recent (favorite) login but they should still be able to get back to this log in screen.

4Click the I forgot my password link.

5 Enter your email address, click reCAPTCHA and then click Continue

6You will then receive an automated email from [email protected] confirming the request for password reset and then you can click the reset this password link to reset your password.


Enter your new password, and re-enter it in the Confirm new password field. Click on the Checklist tab to ensure the requirements are met. Then click Set Password.

I am having trouble setting/changing my password?

MyAdventist has certain criteria when it comes to password creation. If it doesn't meet this criteria, it wont work. 

Consider using a passphrase, for example: [email protected]), MarvellousGrace or WhenHeCometh (but avoid using these three specific examples).

Your password must meet the following:

Password requirements

Minimum password length, 
including at least:

  • upper case characters
  • lower case characters

12 characters

  • 1 character
  • 1 character

User name in password

Not permitted

Words from list of “easy” or “common” passwords

Not permitted

Number of remembered passwords


If you are having issues with creating your password, or resetting your password, please contact eGiving support using the feedback form - https://egiving.org.au/Home/Feedback.

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